World Flavor

Bringing Bold International Flavors To You

Add a world of flavor with our ethnic spice blends to endless dishes with the World Flavors collection from iSpice. Explore all five ethnic seasoning blends inspired by the authentic and diverse flavors of unique cultures from around the globe. Places like Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Southwest. What’s more? We make it simple to be adventurous – without leaving your home. 

WORLD FLAVOR travels the globe, finding the most unique ethnic flavor experiences, and allowing chefs to recreate them with an easy-to-use spice blend.

  • Asian, Mediterranean, Latin & Latin Influenced, Regional American, and Middle Eastern cuisines are growing the fastest in restaurants across the U.S. & Canada.
  •  2018 predicted trends include Bold Flavors, Grilled Flavors, Complex Spicy (Ethnic), Caramelization, Floral/Earthy/Herbaceous, Warm Spices, Citrus, Toasted, Roasted, and Spicy.
  • Consumers are looking for more clean-label products that are all-natural and preservative-free, and are inclined to choose non-GMO products.



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Few ingredients, lots of flavor, all natural

Our easy-to-follow recipes let you create exotic meals filled with amazing ethnic spice blends. iSpice™ Masters have scoured the globe, carefully selecting only the finest spices to create Unparalleled, Chef-Grade PREMIUM Seasonings. Blends that will help you effortlessly replicate celebrated international dishes like a WORLD CLASS GOURMET.

WORLD FLAVOR is a collection of ethnic seasoning blends that capture the bold flavors of top trending cuisines from around the world.

Low Sodium, Most are Sugar-FREE, Preservative-FREE, Chemical-FREE, NO Artificial Flavors or Colors      

This sharp & tangy sensation from Thailand draws upon a myriad of spices from across the globe. Cilantro, lime, ginger, turmeric, shrimp powder, chilies… PRE-MIXED & READY TO POUR!

Take a trip abroad and cross the line from humdrum cook to WORLD CHEF. Italian. Greek. Portuguese. No boundaries to the cuisine you master next! Heady aromas of rosemary, fennel, garlic, safflower—and more—combine to DUPLICATE AUTHENTIC FLAVORS of THE “MED.”

This North African blend runs the gamut of flavors from spicy to bitter to sweet. Cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, & turmeric all shine in this nuanced blend, but no one spice dominates, adding balanced flavor to your culinary creations.

Essential to French Cuisine, and now your next culinary creation, this blend of spices like thyme, savory, tarragon, & lavender represent the region from which they come. Add a dash to your next dish for a meal that’s sure to taste heavenly.

This full-flavored North African Blend will bring warmth & depth to any dish you prepare. Paprika, Ginger, Cinnamon & Cloves blanket your meals with a taste of the exotic in this inviting spice blend.

 Pre-mixed Latin Seasoning is spunky…perfectly piquant and slightly sweet to POWER any Latin-inspired Dish. This is the perfect blend to add even more spicy, peppery, tangy flavor to your Latin and South American foods.

Bring the taste of Tunisia to your kitchen with this spicy seasoning. With just the right heat, this balanced seasoning takes your tastes buds on a flavor adventure.  Crushed chilies & smokes paprika are cooled with spearmint & coriander to give your next dish the tempered kick it deserves.

lose the takeout menu and open your kitchen to AUTHENTIC HOMEMADE ASIAN FARE. You’ll love this fine blend with warm, spicy, sweet, floral accents that add flavor and wellness to your favorite Asian cuisines.

 Argentina’s signature will become your sacred, go-to condiment and marinade. Layers of bright flavors like lime and pepper. Seductive notes of savory, oregano, and smoked paprika. PURE LATIN MAGIC for any protein… all veggies.

Adds warmth & depth to any dish you prepare. Not too spicy, but still delivering a kick, allspice, thyme, crushed chilies, cinnamon, ginger & bay leaf characterizing this island blend make your next dish taste amazing!

This Eastern Mediterranean blend smells and tastes like a combination of thyme, summer savory, and oregano. It’s sure to give your Mediterranean dishes added authenticity and unlock their true potential.

Be a smokin’ hot Grill Chef. This Portuguese/African-inspired SUPER BLEND turns up the heat to transform the average into the exceptional. PERI PERI has it all; spicy, tangy, and full-flavored. From meats to fish to dips or marinades, add this seasoning to your next creation to give it the spicy flare it deserves. You won’t be disappointed!

Hot, peppery, with a fresh zing, bring the taste of the bayou to your kitchen with this spicy seasoning blend. Great for fish & chicken, but don’t stop there… use it on anything to give your next meal a little extra kick and a big taste of Louisiana!
It’s the most Authentic Cajun Blend outside or even inside Louisiana! 

Kick tasteless to the curb and cross the border to full-bodied fare that titillates the taste buds. This is the perfect blend to add even more spicy, peppery, tangy flavor to your Latin and South American foods.

No take-out tonight, the CHEF is IN! Succulent Shish Taouk. Killer Kebabs. Standout Shawarma. A shake of this genius blend with exotic sumac, sesame, thyme, and spearmint lets you Make your FLAVOR MARK on grilled meats and meatless proteins. Fluff up tired rice and grains. Raise the bar for veggies. Eat like a Middle Eastern Native! Meaty, zesty, and bright, this seasoning brings a well-rounded, earthy addition to Middle Eastern cuisine.