Pride of Spice

We cultivate unique and superior spices and spice blends. Traditional flavors of authentic Hungarian cuisine, we know it takes the perfect combination of climate, care, and tradition to achieve these unparalleled profiles. Paprika. Cinnamon. Harissa.  Black Pepper. Chipotle. Curry. Hot Pepper.

Perfect for all your different meal

High-quality spices and blends with the most robust flavors, colors, and aromas worthy of even the most discerning cooks and foodies. Includes Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Hungarian Hot Paprika, Malabar Black Pepper, Chihuahua Chipotle, Saigon Cinnamon, Tunisian Harissa, and other flavors from across the world.
100 percent sourced from the very best origins, which allows you to create a delectable and authentic eating experience in your very own home.



Bring the adventure of global travel right to your kitchen.

Bring the adventure of global travel right to your kitchen. Unlike other ‘gourmet’ spices that come in glass, the Pride Of Spice line of spices comes in a uniquely designed tin, which blocks the light that will degrade the spice—reducing its color, aroma, and flavor. The highest quality spices should always be stored away from light.


Hungarian Paprika

Find your way to the southern border of Hungary with our Pride of Szeged Paprika, which steeps any food with a fiery yet welcoming and flavorful heat. Try this robust and peppery spice as an ingredient or a topper in a wide variety of dishes.