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It’s common to have salad for lunch or dinner because it’s a healthy option. The flavor of the salad depends on the ingredients used. Eating the same salad every time gets boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can switch up the flavor by adding a few new ingredients. Here, we suggest a few easy ways to spice up your salads. Read on to learn more.

Incorporate Different Textures

The most common ingredients in a salad are veggies and protein. Changing these ingredients can make a salad taste different, but even that isn’t always enough. If you need something new in your life, try incorporating different textures. Many of the ingredients in a salad are soft, so trying adding something crunchy. For example, you could add crushed tortilla chips. You could also add nuts such as shaved almonds. Adding different textures to your salad is easy and it can transform the entire experience.

Add Something Sweet

Think about the flavors you incorporate in your salad. Many people choose savory flavors when they prepare a salad. To mix things up a bit, consider adding something sweet. For example, you could add fresh fruit for added flavor and health benefits. If you don’t have fresh fruit, you could use dried fruit. For example, dried cranberries and feta cheese taste delicious together in a salad.

Top It With Seasoning

If you’re looking for impactful and easy ways to spice up your salads, try topping it with seasoning. Once the salad is made, sprinkle your favorite seasoning on top. This is a great thing to do if you want your salad to have a bold flavor. If you’re looking for some heat, consider adding a spice on top, such as cayenne. You can also mix the seasoning with olive oil to make your own dressing.

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